CaJa Popcorn

CaJa Popcorn is a mom-and-pop popcorn company that wanted to add a personal touch to their social media presence. They used to sell small-batch popcorn from a brick-and-mortar storefront, now they wanted to increase awareness of their online store.

We developed a social strategy that moved away from the picture-perfect look and follower fluctuations CaJa experienced in the past. We leaned into organic growth through community engagement and engaging content.

We got real and shared behind-the-scenes looks at production, small business champions, specialty retailers that stock CaJa Popcorn, and the TV and movies we watch while we nosh.

Our first Instagram reel had about ten times the average reach of previous posts (over 1,200 Reach compared to about 120). With reels in play CaJa Popcorn’s Instagram following grew from a few hundred followers to over 1K followers in the next 6 months. Binge watch CaJa Popcorn’s reels here.